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Only ChampionshipBBQ Catering Company!!!!!!
We are a Championship BBQ Catering Company (period!). BBQ Connection LLC  the BestChampionship onsite BBQ Catering Company in the area. Our Pit Master has spent the last 10 Ten years competing for throughout the country and perfecting his art.  The Pigs on the Run BBQCompetition team have won over a 100 top ten trophies in the country and recently finished in the Top 50 in the country in BBQ! We live and breathe BBQ!

Our pit masters do not just cook the area's best BBQ; they create a BBQ experience! From the smells in the air to the many trophies won.  The BBQ ConnectionCatering Company brings more to the table than just great food.  We cook fresh on site Traditional Barbecue, not that "stuff" that has been reheated or prepared off site days before your event.

Over 100 years of traditional artisan outdoor cooking, passed down from generation to generation in the backwoods of Va.

We also cater in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro VA. and all over the country! A travel fee will be assessed outside Charlottesville area.

 A proven winner: 4 x Grand Championships, 5 x state championships, Invited to the American Royal and the Jack Daniels twice. Over 100 top ten awards

We'll respond with a free, no-obligation job estimate and ideas that come from years (and thousands of miles) of experience!
 If you desire a truly memorable meal to which nothing else will compare, please give   Teresa call at 434 842 2000.

Charlotteville's BEST Championship BBQ!

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Mooooooooooooink Balls

Mooooooooooooink Balls



12 Italian style meatballs, precooked

6 strip(s) bacon, cut in half

1 tablespoon(s) brown sugar

1/8 teaspoon(s) cayenne pepper
1/2 cup(s) barbecue sauce
1/2 cup(s) grape jelly




Wrap each meatball with a half strip of bacon and secure it with a toothpick.
Combine the brown sugar and cayenne pepper and sprinkle over the bacon-wrapped meatballs.
Smoke over indirect heat at 250 degrees for about 1 hour until the bacon is done to your liking.
While the Mooooooooink Balls are cooking, combine the barbecue sauce and grape jelly in a saucepan and heat until blended.
Five minutes before removing the balls from the smoker, baste them with the glaze. Serve immediately.

Tips & Techniques

Special note: This recipe also works great on the grill over direct heat for 10 to 15 minutes, although this method does require close attention. Bacon grease is highly flammable, so you will need to rotate the Moink Balls constantly to prevent scorching.

BBQ Bands and Brews BBQ Contest Palmyra Va 223 June 2012

I am very excited about this contest! This my first contest I get tio help put together. The Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce has asked me to help put this on!. It will be and grand event. We will have 30 national bbq teams competing for the the state championship.
The Fluvanna County Chamber of Commerce is proud to present its Inaugural BBQ, Bands & Brews, located at Pleasant Grove, Palmyra, VA on June 23, 2012 from 10:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m. This is an event for the entire family featuring a variety of activities including barbeque competitions, entertainment, and local vendors offering varied products and services.

BBQ, Bands & Brews will include a newly sanctioned Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) event in Virginia and as such will draw contestants from across the Commonwealth and beyond in the categories of pork, ribs, chicken and brisket. The Grand Champion of the 2012 BBQ, Bands & Brews will be invited to the largest barbeque contest in the world - the American Royal Invitational (Kansas City, MO) - and entered into the lottery for the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational (Lynchburg, TN). All top finishers in the BBQ competition will receive invitations to compete in other sanctioned contests. As an official State Barbeque Championship of Virginia, this event offers local residents and visitors to central Virginia a unique opportunity to experience all the fun of this family-event in the beautiful setting of Pleasant Grove in Fluvanna County.

2011 Sam's Club BBQ Series & National Championship

Sam's Club


2011 Sam's Club BBQ Series & National Championship

KCBS and Sam's Club are excited to announce the Sam's Club BBQ Series! With over $400,000 in prize money and major bragging rights, this is one series you won't want to miss!
The 2011 Sam's Club BBQ Series will feature 20 local events, five Regional events and one National Championship in Bentonville, Ark.
The first registration period for the Sam's Club BBQ Series has officially closed.
From all of us at KCBS and Sam's Club, good luck to all teams!!

We signed up for the Sam's club contest in Chesapeake. 9/16/11 - 9/17/11 Sam's Club 4710 2444 Chesapeake SQ Ring Rd. Chesapeake VA
2011 Sam's Club BBQ Series & National Championship
2011 Sam's Club BBQ Series & National Championship
Region 5 Local Event: Chesapeake, VA
Date: September 16 - September 17, 2011
Location: 2444 Chesapeake SQ Ring Rd., Chesapeake, VA

Confirmed Teams:
Lazy Ass BBQ Crew
Porkers in Paradise
Degüello BBQ
Old Dominion Smokehouse
Hambones by the Fire
Black Cat BBQ
JD's Smokin' Misfits
Pigheaded BBQ
Smok'n Fire BBQ
Grog N Hogs
Jacked Up BBQ
Mr.Bobo's Traveling BBQ Allstars
who are those guys?
Checkered Pig
Nomad BBQ
Lyin Pigs
Two State BBQ
pigs on the run
widespread barbecue
Whiskey Hill BBQ
Big and Twig BBQ
Diamond State Smokers
Swing Dings BBQ
Awaiting Confirmation:
Donnies Smokehouse

Que and Cruz 2008

GREAT Contest!!!!!!!!

Bill and his crew did a great job!

POTR were in two places. I had a festival in Fishersville. I gave the reins to Mark Harris and I am glad I did. He brought back a Govenors cup and 3rd over all. It was great to see all the Va BBq teams that were there , especailly the Spry BBq team wich had a very respectable showing for a first time team. I am so proud of our team , winng without the BIG dog there, Good job guys! Also it was great to see cats sass and the rest of the normal suspects on the circuit.
Grand Champion
Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion
Tarheel Smokers

VA Governors Award
Pigs on the Run

Over All
3rd Pigs on the Run
4th Hoss’s BBQ
5th Dizzy Pig
6th Virginia BBQ Pirates
7th JD’s Smokin Misfits
8th The Princess and the Pig
9th Tar River BBQ
10th Scrmin Nite Hog

1st Tarheel Smokers
2nd The Princess and the Pig
3rd Tar River BBQ
4th Chix, Swine & Bovine
5th The Crazy Rednecks
6th Hoss’s BBQ
7th Big C’s Stew and Que
8th Gooney Creek BBQ
9th Smokin Jay’s Byrd Mill BBQ
10th Pot Belly BBQ

1st JD’s Smokin Misfits
2nd Virginia BBQ Pirates
3rd Chix, Swine & Bovine
4th Pigs on the Run
5th The Princess and the Pig
6th Tar River BBQ
7th Lucky Dog
8th Hog Town Boys
9th Hoss’s BBQ
10th Dizzy Pig


1st Pigs on the Run
2nd Dizzy Pig
3rd Hoss’s BBQ
4th Scremin Nite Hog
5th Pot Belly BBQ
6th Gooney Creek
7th Chix, Swine & Bovine
8th Mr. Woo’s BBQ
9th M&H BBQ
10th Tarheel Smokers

1st Virginia BBQ Pirates
2nd Pigs on the Run
3rd Chix, Swine & Bovine
4th Tarheel Smokers
5th Ashburn Barbeque
6th Texas Rib’s BBQ
7th JD’s Smokn Misfits
8th Dizzy Pig
9th Gooney Creek BBQ
10th The Princess and the Pig

1st Dizzy Pig
2nd Hoss’s BBQ
3rd Serial Grillers

1st Hoss’s BBQ
2nd Pigs on the Run
3rd Butt’s on Fire

Bridgeton King PIG BBQ

King Pig II barbecues Sept. 19-20
Friday, June 06, 2008
BRIDGETON -- The Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned King Pig BBQ competition will return to the city for a second go-round the final weekend of the summer season.

King Pig BBQ organizer Bob Crowe promises bigger will mean better this time around, when the KCBS competition comes to Sunset Lake Friday, Sept. 19, and Saturday, Sept. 20.

"I'm shooting for 50 teams," Crowe said on Thursday.

Crowe is hopeful 8,000 people will attend the BBQ bash over its two days -- last year's event drew only 1,200.

"But we also only had 20 teams, and it wasn't well-advertised, or so people tell me," Crowe said. "Am I disappointed with last year? No. You learn from your previous event."

Still, Crowe admits he's "shooting for the moon."

He's spent the past eight months thinking about what worked and what didn't with the inaugural event last year.

He's been particularly busy preparing for King Pig II in recent weeks, hitting KCBS competitions throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including an 82-team event in Salisbury, Md., a few weeks ago.

And he's not just going to eat.

In fact, he says he hasn't eaten at the two he's been to so far this year, and he doesn't plan on eating at upcoming KCBS competitions in Wildwood, Yardley, Pa., or New Holland, Pa.

"I go to get teams and to get ideas," he said. "I see ideas going to the different places."

Thus far, more than three months from King Pig II, Crowe has already received seven commitments from teams interested in entering the competition.

He's distributed 52 applications to interested competitors, a majority of whom have contacted him after learning of King Pig II via the KCBS Web site.

That's not to say Crowe isn't looking for locals interested in joining the competition. He actually hopes some local barbecue fanatics will join Upper Deerfield Township's Rich and Joe Nicosia among the 50-team lineup.

"Until I actually have 50 applications in hand, anyone is welcome to come sign up," he said.

There is a $200 competition entry fee, which buys a 20-foot-by-20-foot site.

Extra space can be purchased at $1 per foot, and an electrical hookup for the two days will carry a $35 fee.

Just like last year, there will be five prizes awarded in each of four BBQ categories -- beef brisket, pork ribs, chicken and pork.

The category prizes range from $50 to $500.

There will be a grand champion's prize of $1,500 and a reserve grand champion's prize of $750.

The two top winners also will get to take home trophies carved by chain saw artist Brian "The Ackmonster" Ackley.

At the Salisbury, Md., competition, Crowe ran into the grand champion from King Pig I -- Pigs on the Run, of Palmyra, Va. -- and they had their Ackley-carved trophy by their side.

"Everybody wants to have their picture taken with it," Crowe said. "They say it's the best trophy they've ever seen."

In addition to up to 50 competitors, King Pig II will feature live music acts, including local favorite The Jack Neff Band, food and crafts vendors, including Bridgeton Policemen's Benevolent Association Local No. 94A's famous cheesesteak stand, and a car show.

Crowe stressed that the King Pig II competitors will not be giving away samples.

"No free food samples!" he said emphatically. "That was a big complaint. People thought they could come in and just get free samples. At an event with more than 1,000 people, that would be a lot of food. How can you do that?"

Rest assured, Crowe said, there will be a variety of food available from vendors -- a group that will include several competitors.

Vending spaces are still available, and cost $250 for the two days.

Crowe hopes to make enough off this year's event that he won't have to "scrounge" for sponsors. He credited City Councilman Nick Salvatore and Jack Neff for helping him in that respect.

For more information on the KCBS Bridgeton King Pig BBQ, contact Crowe via e-mail at

The Original Charcoal Company

I am always looking for a good charcoal for our BBQ competitions. My team mate Mark found The oringnal Charcoal Company charcoal for about $2.99 a bag. So I told him to get a pallet of it and we would half it. After first three contest , we were hooked. Three grand championships. I like the flavor and it cooked very steady. It does very well with chicken, pork and Brisket.

Three Eyes' : Dan Hixon Cooks with POTR

Excerpts from 3 Eyez BBQ
10/12/07 - Dan had the privilege of heading out to Kansas City a few weekends ago to check out the biggest BBQ contest of the year, The American Royal. Here is what he had to say about it..

The American Royal. Up until the Bridgeton, NJ contest the Royal was just another big contest that you hear a lot about but we weren't going since we hadn't yet won a qualifier. During the Bridgeton contest, Dan was approached by John Atkins from Pigs on the Run who asked him to cook with his team in Kansas City. That was an offer that Dan simply could not turn down. Within 24 hours Dan had plane tickets and a date with the Royal....

WOW! What can you say about 511 teams in one parking lot competing for $120k in prize money? "WOW!" about sums it up. After driving the 18hrs in May to the GAB, Dan was thrilled to be drinking a bit of Knob Creek with the Dizzy Pig crew 3.5 short hours after boarding a plane in Baltimore. It seemed all the heavy hitters from the east were there such as I Que, I Smell Smoke!, Cool Smoke, Dizzy Pig, Philly Pigs and of course POTR. If that wasn't enough you got those "other" teams like Lotta Bull,, Qua, the list goes on and on.....

This contest has its fair share of partying too. I saw drunks walking into fences, into trailers where teams were sleeping, one guy asked me for antihistamines at 3:45am. Trust me, you could spend all weekend just people watching!

The weekend was not to kind to POTR though. No calls, not a one. BUT we did get close with a tie for 23rd in sausage and 53rd in ribs. Not too shabby, but a bit of money and a trophy would have been nice. I have to send a big THANK YOU to the guys in POTR. They treated me like one of their own, let me cook, run boxes and gave me a place to sleep. What more could you possibly ask for?

So, I could write on a on, but I'll stop here. 3EyzBBQ hopes to be going to the Royal next year.


Frost valley Crew helps Pigs on the run BBQ team secure the win!

I am always humble when anyone drives to see us to compete. I was totally impressed with the support of the Frost Valley crew.I have known Eric Blum for over 10 years and I have always heard stories about this group.I look forward to our fundraiser next year. Thanks !

Hear is the story from the the Frost valley Alumni Blog:

Eric Blum, our famous Camp Schlep lo these many years, is a member of a competitive BBQ team. Last month his team - they call themselves "Pigs on the Run" - were taking part in the N.J. State Championship known as the "Bridgeton King Pig." Eric emailed several FV friends to ask for help at the event. Says Matt Buczek: "Of course, who could pass up such an opportunity?"

What Matt and the other FV'ers knew as BBQ'ing was in fact grilling, as they were soon to learn. Armed with meat that had been on the smoker for 18 hours, our team competed in these categories: Pork, Brisket, Ribs, and Chicken. After a hard day's toil, the team placed first in Pork, Brisket and Chicken (we came in 5th in ribs) and were crowned overall grand champions! Again here's Matt: "Yup, I am adding 'Champion BBQer' to my resume."

Present were Eric Blum, Bill Baker, Jim Gibbons, Jeff Daly, Brian Butler, Matt Buczek, Kelly Zingone.

You can see in one of the photos the champions' trophy, a four-foot tall carved wooden pig.

It was a great day for all of us, the master BBQ'er, Eric Blum, writes. It was so much fun getting together with FV alumni once again. Our pitmaster John Atkins was a little leary many months ago when he decided to do this competion and asked if I could get anyone to help. My first response was of course I can, so I made some quick phone calls to Bill Baker, Jeff Daly, and Bobby Eddings gave them the details and they took care of the rest. When I let John know that a bunch of people from Frost Valley would be coming on saturday to help, he again was a little nervous-however he was not suprised since he has been hearing about camp for many years from me while we work together in the O.R.. When the crew finally arrived on Saturday morning our team had been cooking all night long and they just jumped right in and helped with whatever scut work that needed to be done. Jeff, Matt. and Bill formed "the wedge" for each turn in. At the completion of the turn in's John our pitmaster spent sometime explaining to everyone what real BBQ was and how he cooks it-this of course was done while everyone was eating the "left overs", which the common theme from FVer's was "This is the best I've ever eaten".

And: During the awards ceremony Brian Butler was a bit upset that our ribs came in 5th-and he could be heard yelling "Pigs on the Run" through out the ceremony.

And best of all: John said that he is willing to bring the Rig up to the valley and do a BBQ cook out as a fund raiser. After more consultation between Jeff, John and myself this is something that we are going to be working on for the not to distant future-February maybe.

King Pig Pics Bridgeton NJ.

We were shocked to win over Philly Pig and Dizzy pig. Two very strong teams.

Nathan took my son Bryant's place in the trophy patrol! Good Job!

Smokey Bottom Boys have been on my tail all year and I was really hoping that the could pull the RGC this time too! Two GREAT Guys!

What a weekend! I do want to thank the KCBS Reps. Linda it was great to see you again. You have a special place in our heart. Thanks, also to John "Guts" Goodman's family ,it was great to be a part of something special ! Thanks for letting me bring the little one up. I wanted the main focus to be family since we have lost Justin Harris and Rosselle Martin in the last two years.
Thanks to all!

King Pig BBQ Championship

Team {l to r} John "Guts" Goodman, John Atkins "pitmaster" Thomas Ratcliff, David Hanson, Nathan Goodman, Granville Westernland, Eric Blum.
King Pig BBQ Championship
Monday, September 17, 2007

BRIDGETON -- Some of the best barbecue teams from as far as Virginia and as near as center city engaged in gastronomic battle Saturday for the title of grand champion, at the inaugural Bridgeton King Pig BBQ, at Sunset Lake.

All had their eyes on the big prize -- an opportunity to compete at the American Royal Invitational cook-off in Kansas City, Missouri.

A round of applause greeted reserve champions Philly Pigs BBQ Team, as they made their way to the stage.

Hoots and cheers, likewise, followed the grand champions -- Pigs on the Run, hailing from Palmyra, Va.

"New Jersey is a beautiful state. I don't care what anyone says," said John Atkins, as he celebrated the team's fourth grand championship. "We started in backyards, just like everyone else, and what we do is hard work."

Atkins and his team will be heading to Kansas City's American Royal Invitational in October.

Atkins says Bridgeton can definitely expect his team to come around next year.

"It's the Olympics of barbecue," explained Melissa Hemple, director of recreation for the City of Bridgeton and one of the organizers for the two-day event. "I really don't know how else to describe it."

The judging began at noon, when the 20 teams hurried to present their entries for the chicken category within the allotted 10 minute time window. The other three categories -- pork, pork ribs and brisket -- came later, spaced 30 minutes apart.

"These competitions switch back and forth between party and serious competition," said John Kozac, grillmaster for Baba and the Pig Man, from Heislerville. "You first pull up and it's like a party, and everyone's friendly -- then midnight rolls around and everyone buckles down to cooking. When everyone's settled with their food, it's a party until the judging at noon, where everyone's like, Don't talk to me.' Then it flips back to a party until everyone goes home."

More than 30 Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned judges were on hand to pick the winners.

Cash prizes and trophies were awarded to the top five in each of the four categories, with first place earning its distinguished chefs $500.

The reserve champion received $750 and a 2-foot-tall wooden pig, carved by local chain saw artist Brian "The Ackmonster" Ackley.

The grand champion received $1,500 and a taller, 80-pound chain saw-carved pig.

The competitors cooked through the night, held together by an atmosphere that alternated between family gathering and the SATs.

"This is what I do. It's my hobby," said Steve Polson, a member of barbecue team The Senator, from Wilmington, Del. "It's a combination of a two-day tailgate party and a competition."

Nearly 600 people came out to see the event and the final judging, as well as some live entertainment in the form of area bar-scene favorite Last Call.

Also on hand were Wayne Cossaboon and H. Blair Earling, of Millville, winners of the city's "We've Got Talent" competition in June.

"I was excited for the barbecue, but I had no idea the bands were playing, which made me ever more excited," said Valerie Ridgway-Carter, of Hopewell Township. "We definitely need more exposure for the city, and this event is great for community awareness."

The general opinion of most people enjoying the food, music and scenery at Sunset Lake was that the competition was a great idea and should become an annual event.

However, there was some constructive criticism.

"I try to support local events, and this one is fantastic," said Denny Dunnagan, of Upper Deerfield. "But, they could've had a lot more people here with better, and more visible, advertising."

Other suggestions included more organized parking and having more than just one actual barbecue vendor.

Competitors are not allowed to sell or give samples of their offerings unless they purchase a vendor permit.

Jack's Down Home BBQ, from Philadelphia, was the only team to get the go-ahead to make their award winning meats public.

The winners of the inaugural Bridgeton King Pig BBQ:


Fifth Place: Penns Porkmeisters BBQ, Middletown, Del.

Fourth Place: Smokey Bottom Boys, Bel Air, Md.

Third Place: Jack's Down Home BBQ, Philadelphia

-Second Place: The Senator, Wilmington, Del.

First Place: Pigs on the Run, Palmyra, Va.

Pork Ribs

Fifth Place: Pigs on the Run, Palmyra, Va.

Fourth Place: Hoff Daddy's, Media, Pa.

Third Place: Jack's Down Home BBQ, Philadelphia.

Second Place: Dizzy Pig, Fairfax, Va.

First Place: Philly Pigs BBQ Team, Lumberton.


Fifth Place: Pigheaded BBQ, Middletown, Del.

Fourth Place: Dizzy Pig, Fairfax, Va.

Third Place: Philly Pigs BBQ Team, Lumberton, N.J.

Second Place: Real Deal BBQ, Wilmington, Del.

First Place: Pigs on the Run, Palmyra, Va.

Beef Brisket

Fifth Place: Jack's Down Home BBQ, Philadelphia.

Fourth Place: Real Deal BBQ, Wilmington, Del.

Third Place: Philly Pigs BBQ Team, Lumberton, N.J.

Second Place: Dizzy Pig, Fairfax, Va.

First Place: Pigs on the Run, Palmyra, Va.

Pork in the Park BBQ Festival Salisbury, MD 2006

RAIN RAIN and More Rain!!!!
What a contest. It was our first contest of the year. We worked very hard over the winter on chicken and it paid off. We started off with a 8th in chicken then a 3rd finally after all the confusion we had a 2nd in chicken and a 8th over all. Not a bad start for the year. We also made some great friend with Jo and Jeff of Jo Boys and Also Christmas City BBQ. To top it off we got stuck trying to leave.

Congrats to Chris from IQUE. He almost ran the board!

Chesapeake Jubilee BBQ Contest 2006

This was probally the best first year contest we have attended. I was extremely impressed and it did'nt hurt that we won the G.C. and door prize too. They were very helpful. I felt like I was in Danville Va (Pigs in the Park BBQ contest run by Bill Mc Mann.)The 2006 competition took place May 19th and 20th and was the State Championship of Virginia! It was on the same day as Pigs in the Park. What a shame. We picked this contest because it was near my home town of Zuni Va. Also I had my whole family there too. We were happy to see Dave from Free State smokers take reserved.It was also nice to see Max and his daughter from Free Range BBq take a first in brisket. Boy those crock pots can cook.

Grand Champ : Pigs on the Run

Reserve Grand Champ: Free State Smokers

Here are the 2006 top 10 finishers in the major categories:


1-Wood Chicks
2- Pigs on the Run
3-Dixie Bones
4-JT and the BBQ 3
5- Smokey Bottom Boys
6- Smoked From Above
7- Freestate Smokers
8- Knotts Island BBQ
9- Free Range BBQ
10 Open Doors Inc.

1- Pigs On the Run
2- Jerry Elliott's BBQ
3- Freestate Smokers
4- Smokey Bottom Boys
5- Beach Bum BBQ
6- Free Range BBQ
7- Knotts Island BBQ
8- Smoked From Above
9- 3 P’s
10- Wood Chicks


1- Big Daddy’s Butt Rub
2- Freestate Smokers
3- Pigs on the run
4- Wood Chicks
5- JT and the BBQ 3
6- Knotts island BBQ
7- Jerry Elliott’s BBQ
8- Dixie Bones
9- Beach Bum BBQ
10- Smokehouse Gang

1- Free Range BBQ
2- Big Daddy’s Butt Rub
3- Pigs on the Run
4- Smoked From Above
5- Jerry Elliott’s BBQ
6- Arc Electric
7- Wood Chicks
8- Beach Bum BBQ
9- The Senator
10- Dixie Bones

The event is in the major leagues of competitive cooking, with over $10,000 in cash and prizes, and the competition is officially sanctioned by the world-famous
Kansas City Barbeque Society.

New Holland Summerfest 2006

We had a great time . People are very trusting and friendly. There were 72 teams competing. We were lucky to finish in the middle of the pack. We did walk away with a 7th place ribbon in sausage. I was shocked.. We notice that maple syrup tatse did well here. Steve, with Team Agave, came away with Grand Championship honors besting the second place team by over 17 points. Congrats Steve, Dale and George!!! We also want to extend a hearty congrats to Rich and the Lost Nation crew who pulled out a Reserve Grand Championship trophy with their 2nd place overall finish. Also worthy of congrats to Roy of Tarheel Smokers (3rd overall),Shenendoah Q Crew (8th overall) and Dixie Bones (9th overall). It was also great to see Justin Harris win first in chicken in the kids Que.

A great BBQ story

I met Justin's dad 3 years ago at a BBq contest in Lynchburg Va. It was Marks first contest.. I offer him to come and help me compete and He did. I got to meet Mark's family and we became good friend's. My first memory of Justin was a at practice for a BBq contest. Justin was impressed that at i would let him cook on an open fire. We were cooking burgers on a grill for lunch . He later corrected his mother in the proper way to cook a hamburger.He was a pro. That May we took Justin and my son to Danville Va. for a contest. It was Mark s and I first contest cooking together. The boys played around in the water that morning washing dishing. We bombed the contest but we had a great time. That Aug. we found out that Justin had Ewing"s Sarcoma. Everyone was devastated. A young strong Boy with cancer. I spent the last year going up to see Justin when he was going through chemo.. It was very hard seeing him go through that. Justin and i have a great relationship. We always give each other a hard time. He is a big Va. Tech fan and I am a UVA fan. So it was a natural.
Last year we when to New Holland Pa. Justin and his dads went up the day before to compete in the KIDs Q . We were over joyed when we found out that Justin won first place in chicken for 9 and 10 y/o. I screamed thats my Boy!. Justin is unbelievable. Fighting cancer he was able to cook with the world famous cooking team of Texas Rib-rangers. Bill and his wife are great people. Justin and Bill finished 10th in chicken and Finishen first in brisket.
Recently Justin had to make a trip to ST. Judes in Memphis Tenn. (seems right Huh) for more treatment. Our Lat report was that Justin"s tumor's were shrinking.
So with Justin and his family going through an unbelievable time and in financial need. The BBQ brothers on Va decided to throw a fund raiser, We are excited about it. Bill Miroy will be there and many other great teams. We will have an update after the event. Gooooo Justin!!!!!!!!!!

Barbeqing for a Cure

Jan 13, 2007   4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Hugh Cassell Elementary School 1301 Rockfish Rd. Waynesboro VA
World Championship BBQ Teams will be Qing for a Cure for 11-year-old Justin Harris who lives in Crimora ,Va and has childhood cancer. The menu will include the following: Beef brisket, Hand pulled pork, baked beans, Cole slaw, roll, beverage, and dessert. Tickets will cost $10.00 each. Eat in or take out meals available.

For more in formation contact: John Atkins at 434-589-5375 or
or-Mark Harris at 540-241-2673 or


Jeff Stehney : a BBQ Hero

I first found out about Jeff Stehney in a cooking video "BBQ SECRETS: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue" I was having trouble with my brisket . After watching Jeff, we started placing better in brisket and pork. I enjoyed Jeff's way of cooking because it was logical and he looked like average joe . I found that out first hand , when I met him at the American Royal. It was a pleasure to chat with him and his wife . The Stehney"s recently sponsored the Open at the american royal Jeff Stehneys success has went far from the competition circuit He has a successful BBQ Joint as reference below. I was over overwhelm with joy as you can see in our picture. It was also a great pleasure to beat an idle in pork BBQ such as Jeff.
Thanks Jeff!

"Kansas City barbecue circuit champ Jeff Stehney, for example, has turned his smoking savvy and award-winning recipes into a $2 million business (projected to hit $2.3 million this year) at his Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue restaurant inside a Diamond Shamrock-branded gas. Marilyn Odesser-Torp.

Travel Channels Best BBQ Contest

World's Best Barbecue Contests

By Philip Scher

In barbecue contests, teams of devoted and elaborately equipped barbecuers converge to match recipes and cooking techniques, the winners earning trophies, prize money, bragging rights and the time of their lives. For spectators, cook-offs represent a great excuse for a down-home party with loads of barbecue and beer plus concert stages, craft fairs, auctions, races, and carnival rides among other fun and games.

Ground rules: Barbecue is a noun, not a verb, and its production, unlike grilling, involves slow cooking over low heat — "low and slow" is the chef's mantra. Every cook-off spotlights pork in various permutations; most also include beef brisket, chicken, sauce, side dishes, but none permit the use of anything but wood or charcoal heat. Unless they become judges or somehow ingratiate themselves to contestants, spectators usually don't get to sample contest entries because there's just not enough to go around. Fortunately, plenty of commercial vendors offer free samples and meals for sale. And if any of these World's Best Barbecue Contests are out of reach, consult the barbecue contest calendar for information about cook-offs close to home.

Top Picks

10. National Capital Barbecue Battle

9. Massachusetts State BBQ & Blues Festival

8. Canadian Barbecue & Chili Festival

7. National Championship Barbecue Cook-Off

6. Big Pig Jig

5. Blue Ridge BBQ Festival

4. World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest

3. Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue

2. American Royal Barbecue

1. Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest


Four years ago I went to experience my first taste of competition BBQ in Richmond Va. It was a M.I.M contest. I trodden out there with two El-cheapo Brinkmans and a lot of hope. There was over 30 bbq teams including Myron Mixon of Jacks Ole South. I was little over my head. It rained all nite. I slept in the back of a Elantra station wagon (I am 6"3" and 250 lb. plus) It was a funny site. We were lucky not to finished dead last. My 6 y/o son was so mad that I didn't win anything , He hit me. Well four year later and a little wiser, my now 10 y/o son and a friend David crossed this wonderful country in a Ford F 150. We were loaded up with hope and everything to win. We finished 5th "in the world " out of about 500 teams. My son went up to get the ribbon wear a shirt that said "Best Dad Hands Down" He later said that "that was his life long dream" It Has been a great ride. I am just glad that i don't get beat up any more.

A Special thanks to Richard Middleton ( he is the good looking one in the photo) It was a true pleasure to another pit-master on our team. His experience put us over the top.
A double special thanks to David Hanson. He took up the slack. He was awesome baby!. When he hit his leg and dropped the rib entry on the ground , He rebounded liked a champ. The next entry was pork and you know what happen there!
Last but not least is our BBQ angel : Barbara Maufas. she was our team angel and Nurse. She was truly a God sent!
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