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We are a Championship BBQ Catering Company (period!). BBQ Connection LLC  the BestChampionship onsite BBQ Catering Company in the area. Our Pit Master has spent the last 10 Ten years competing for throughout the country and perfecting his art.  The Pigs on the Run BBQCompetition team have won over a 100 top ten trophies in the country and recently finished in the Top 50 in the country in BBQ! We live and breathe BBQ!

Our pit masters do not just cook the area's best BBQ; they create a BBQ experience! From the smells in the air to the many trophies won.  The BBQ ConnectionCatering Company brings more to the table than just great food.  We cook fresh on site Traditional Barbecue, not that "stuff" that has been reheated or prepared off site days before your event.

Over 100 years of traditional artisan outdoor cooking, passed down from generation to generation in the backwoods of Va.

We also cater in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro VA. and all over the country! A travel fee will be assessed outside Charlottesville area.

 A proven winner: 4 x Grand Championships, 5 x state championships, Invited to the American Royal and the Jack Daniels twice. Over 100 top ten awards

We'll respond with a free, no-obligation job estimate and ideas that come from years (and thousands of miles) of experience!
 If you desire a truly memorable meal to which nothing else will compare, please give   Teresa call at 434 842 2000.

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"Q" Barbe"Q"ue Review : Midlothian Va

"Got Wood!", Should be the catch phrase of "Q" Barbecue in Midlothian , Va. I have known the owner (Tuffy Stone) for several years and have had my butt handed to me in many BBQ competitions. I would say I am familiar about how passionate he is about BBQ. I hope that passion would carry over to his new restaurant. It did. I would say it is a nine out of nine!( Nine is the best score you can get in a BBQ competition.)
Before I begin my review , the main criteria is Taste ,Tenderness, Appearance and was the meat cooked low and slow with smoke.

My review will start with the combo plate(about $16 and change with Tea): I had ribs and pulled pork ( both very generous helpings). The pork was lightly sauced and very flavorful. I noticed some chunks and bark. It looked liked it was hand pulled. The ribs had a smoked ring all the way through and very tender. They reminded me of competition ribs. I thought just a tad too spicy but truly the taste balanced out with a small amount of BBQ sauce . I thought they were very moist. I also had the slaw which was more savory than sweet, BUT when paired with the BBQ it was excellent. I started noticing a pattern of balancing different flavors , which was something I didn't expect from a BBQ place. I also had the greens unbelievable!!!I added a little of the vinegar BBQ sauce and some Texas Pete.I realize it was already well seasoned and tender , not mushy. Just listening to Tuffy explain the detail of thought process and passion planning his sides was mind boggling.

After I finished the platter, Tuffy asked me to try some of his corn pudding and I said yes. Well My eyes got bigger than my belly (that is pretty big for those who know me .lol) when he brought me a large sample of brisket , pulled chicken and of course a generous helping of corn pudding. The brisket was lightly sauced and served in big chunks. I thought it was very moist and tender but did not fall apart. The chicken was very very flavorful without sauced. I notice flavor all the way through the meat and a light sprinkling of rub on top. Tuffy told me it was boneless skinless chicken thighs. I thought it was the high dollar chicken breast. I thought it was Very very good!You don't see real smoked chicken at a BBQ place . At last the corn pudding : excellent , not like my grandmammy fixed but very light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness.
The service was good and everyone was polite. It is more like a upscale fast food place. I did enjoy all the trophies and "Q"usic (BBQ Music). My only criticism is that there was nothing about winning the 2007 Nation Championship KCBS Team of the Year. When I asked Tuffy why, he kinda put his head down and said I don't want to brag. I know that was the truth , he is a very very humble man which is hard to be in the BBq world.
Now back to the catch phrase, "Got wood" the one thing that makes this place stand out of all bbq places besides the great food, ambiance nice people is his dedication to the process. We spent at least 10 minutes talking about a load of hickory wood he got last week. His eyes lit us liked a Christmas tree.He is a true Pit Master!
I spent over two hours listening to the many details and processes that they go through to produce the highest quality of BBQ and everything else.
I have been told that I am pretty ruthless in my BBQ reviews , so I must sound like I am blowing smoke on this one. Well, if you have any doubts go try it for yourself! Please by all means prove me wrong.One last thing, Tuffy is very approachable and listens every comment. His goal is to make the BBq possible! I think he is there.

"Q" Barbeque
(804) 897-9007
2077 Walmart Way
Midlothian, VA 23113

Who ain't got Jack!
Cool Smoked finished third over at the World Championship Jack Daniels BBQ Contest.

The front counter.
Two Southern Prides sit out front along with table with a window where one can see all the action.

"Q" side service! Brilliant.

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