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We are a Championship BBQ Catering Company (period!). BBQ Connection LLC  the BestChampionship onsite BBQ Catering Company in the area. Our Pit Master has spent the last 10 Ten years competing for throughout the country and perfecting his art.  The Pigs on the Run BBQCompetition team have won over a 100 top ten trophies in the country and recently finished in the Top 50 in the country in BBQ! We live and breathe BBQ!

Our pit masters do not just cook the area's best BBQ; they create a BBQ experience! From the smells in the air to the many trophies won.  The BBQ ConnectionCatering Company brings more to the table than just great food.  We cook fresh on site Traditional Barbecue, not that "stuff" that has been reheated or prepared off site days before your event.

Over 100 years of traditional artisan outdoor cooking, passed down from generation to generation in the backwoods of Va.

We also cater in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro VA. and all over the country! A travel fee will be assessed outside Charlottesville area.

 A proven winner: 4 x Grand Championships, 5 x state championships, Invited to the American Royal and the Jack Daniels twice. Over 100 top ten awards

We'll respond with a free, no-obligation job estimate and ideas that come from years (and thousands of miles) of experience!
 If you desire a truly memorable meal to which nothing else will compare, please give   Teresa call at 434 842 2000.

Charlotteville's BEST Championship BBQ!

Belmont Bar-B-Q

Can he walk the talk?
I recently visited Belmont bbq. I had the honor to chat with the pitmaster Wes Wright. I found out that we have many things in common . One thing is that we have competed in the American Royal. I also found out that Wes has been competing for about 10 years. After an hour of chatting I could not wait to try his Que. I was not disappointed. It was the truly best bbq in Charlottesville. Finally we got good BBQ in Charlottesville. I liked his rub , sauces were ok. I loved the sides :(Cheese hash potatoes and pinto beans). I thank Wes for the wonderful food on the house but I did leave a $10 tip for the guys Thanks
The Judge

Smokin' Belmont

Belmont Bar-B-Q soon to open

Slowly but surely, the separate universe that is Belmont is earning its stripes as a dining destination. It’s worth a trip across the bridge to the town-within-a-town for brunch at Mas or lunch at La Taza, and soon you’ll have another reason to make the journey (or, if you live in Belmont, to cheer): a fancy barbecue joint, run by a guy who honed his skill with a smoker on the competitive barbecue circuit.

Wes Wright has given this little building on Hinton Avenue a makeover. Though he'll serve barbecue, it's no shack.
We speak of Wes Wright, who boldly predicts that his soon-to-open Belmont Bar-B-Q will become a “Charlottesville institution.” It’s in a cute little building right across Hinton Avenue from La Taza, which not coincidentally is run by Wright’s sister, Melissa Easter. Wright’s been busy remodeling the building and putting in classy touches: nice ceramic tiles on the floor, corrugated metal on the front of the counter, pendant lights. Oh yeah—and a smoker capable of handling 700 pounds of meat at a time. (Any pigs reading this should leave town immediately.)

“Ribs are what it’s all about,” says Wright, waxing nostalgic about his years of reconnaissance in barbecue joints in Memphis, Oklahoma, Kansas City and Texas. Ribs, yes—and brisket, pulled pork, chicken and turkey: a regular carnivore’s nirvana. “I can only live so long without eating barbecue,” he declares.

Though he claims inspiration from those down-and-dirty barbecue pits of the Lower Midwest, Wright promises a sparkly-clean establishment meant mostly for takeout. He also says you’ll be able to order online, then skip the lines and pick up your dinner at a walk-up window. (No immediate plans for an ABC license, says Wright, who intends to open around the end of January. Maybe you’ll carry your takeout across the street and buy a beer from his sister.)
His sister, in turn, might be found at still another establishment on this block—Saxx Jazz and Blues Club—where, starting in February, she’ll be providing food cooked up in her kitchen next door at La Taza. The nosh? “A sophisticated jazz menu,” says Easter: jambalaya, cheese trays, soul food on Sundays, and prime rib smoked at—you guessed it—Wright’s place. If interconnectedness is a recipe for success, this block of Hinton is well on its way to greatness.
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