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Charlottesville, VA.

Only ChampionshipBBQ Catering Company!!!!!!
We are a Championship BBQ Catering Company (period!). BBQ Connection LLC  the BestChampionship onsite BBQ Catering Company in the area. Our Pit Master has spent the last 10 Ten years competing for throughout the country and perfecting his art.  The Pigs on the Run BBQCompetition team have won over a 100 top ten trophies in the country and recently finished in the Top 50 in the country in BBQ! We live and breathe BBQ!

Our pit masters do not just cook the area's best BBQ; they create a BBQ experience! From the smells in the air to the many trophies won.  The BBQ ConnectionCatering Company brings more to the table than just great food.  We cook fresh on site Traditional Barbecue, not that "stuff" that has been reheated or prepared off site days before your event.

Over 100 years of traditional artisan outdoor cooking, passed down from generation to generation in the backwoods of Va.

We also cater in Northern Virginia, Richmond, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro VA. and all over the country! A travel fee will be assessed outside Charlottesville area.

 A proven winner: 4 x Grand Championships, 5 x state championships, Invited to the American Royal and the Jack Daniels twice. Over 100 top ten awards

We'll respond with a free, no-obligation job estimate and ideas that come from years (and thousands of miles) of experience!
 If you desire a truly memorable meal to which nothing else will compare, please give   Teresa call at 434 842 2000.

Charlotteville's BEST Championship BBQ!

Jeff Stehney : a BBQ Hero

I first found out about Jeff Stehney in a cooking video "BBQ SECRETS: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue" I was having trouble with my brisket . After watching Jeff, we started placing better in brisket and pork. I enjoyed Jeff's way of cooking because it was logical and he looked like average joe . I found that out first hand , when I met him at the American Royal. It was a pleasure to chat with him and his wife . The Stehney"s recently sponsored the Open at the american royal Jeff Stehneys success has went far from the competition circuit He has a successful BBQ Joint as reference below. I was over overwhelm with joy as you can see in our picture. It was also a great pleasure to beat an idle in pork BBQ such as Jeff.
Thanks Jeff!

"Kansas City barbecue circuit champ Jeff Stehney, for example, has turned his smoking savvy and award-winning recipes into a $2 million business (projected to hit $2.3 million this year) at his Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue restaurant inside a Diamond Shamrock-branded gas. Marilyn Odesser-Torp.
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